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Bespoke ‘Story so far’ examples

Bespoke ‘Story so far’ sections | examples

Bernadette and Martin

After 30 years together, Bernadette, 70, and Martin, 65, have decided to marry. Their family and friends may tease them about rushing in so soon, but really they’re all delighted. It’s going to be quite the big day.

Above all, these two want their church ceremony to really resonate with personal meaning as well a religious significance that’s important to them both. They’ve done so much loving, laughing and learning together, they want to celebrate that with all the people who have been a part of it. They want me to bring their ‘Story so far’ to life.

It’s a privilege to work with these two. Giddy as teenagers, they relish the opportunity to indulge themselves, travelling back in time through all the memories they’ve amassed together.

On the day, even Reverend Owens can’t help but join in the congregation’s enjoyment as they celebrate this remarkable love story as one.

Kieran and Adi

Kieran and Adi are approaching dad-hood with a mix of delight, adrenalin and trepidation. With 3 weeks until their twin girls are due, they’ve been in a state of readiness a while now. There’s no nursery better stocked.

Once they’ve had chance to settle in, they’ve also got a small celebration planned with family and friends to celebrate the girls’ arrival.

While they’d like to keep things simple, it’s important they honour their experience and thank all those who have supported them, so we’ve been working together on a ‘Story so far’ to share with guests on the day. Embracing the beginnings of their family and the emotional highs and lows along the way, we’ll also update it once they’ve all had chance to get properly acquainted.

Adi and Kieran think it’ll make the day, but they’re looking forward to sharing it with their daughters when they’re older even more.

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