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Words and Wisdom bespoke readings | examples

Jamie and Douglas

Jamie, 2, and Douglas, 4, are the most loving of brothers – well, they are when they’re not arguing over their toys – and the life and soul of the party whenever there is any family gathering. They’ll be just such a get together in just a couple of months actually, since both boys are due to be christened together at their local church, St Botolph’s. Jamie, in particular, is very excited about the font.

Their parents would like to add their own personal touch to the ceremony, with the Vicar’s blessing of course, and so we plan a surprise reading for the boys, created with contributions with all the people who matter most to them and play a part in their lives.

The astonished looks on the boys’ faces on the day when they realise their uncle’s reading is actually about them are priceless. It really makes the ceremony their own.

Noriko and Zeb

Noriko, 29, and Zeb, 31, are planning August nuptials with festival theme  – they just hope the weather holds. Regardless, they’ll have a fabulous time. They and their friends have been partying in all the British summer can throw at them for years now.

So many lost tents, nights singing themselves hoarse and knee deep mud have forged friendships of a lifetime between the gang. I’m delighted to work with them all in creating two bespoke readings for the wedding ceremony itself.

The readings will complement each other but cover different periods and offer different perspectives. Have they enjoyed themselves? Undoubtedly. They’ve also grown up together. That’s what we want to capture.

Zeb and Noriko signed off on the final versions so they know what’s coming, at least in theory, but nothing prepares them for the joy of the readings ‘live’. It’s all anyone can talk about at the bar afterwards.

Hannah Wroe Gill | Words and Wisdom

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I offer a comprehensive bespoke writing service: versatile bespoke writing to enhance any ceremony, wedding reception or videography - including legally compliant wedding scripts (Words and Wisdom)…one-of-a-kind humanist ceremonies (Your Three Days)...and custom-made text commissions you can frame, style or photo book (Portraits in Prose). 100+ pages of outstanding testimonials. I celebrated my 10th anniversary in 2020. Numerous bespoke texts created and 375+ ceremonies designed, writtten and led. Everything I write is born from an innovative creative method, unique to my approach. You can’t find the same experience anywhere else.Exceptional. Affordable. Unforgettable.
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