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Bespoke well-wishing examples

Bespoke well-wishings | examples

Etta and Claude

The culmination of Etta and Claude’s anniversary party is a well kept surprise: a Words and Wisdom well-wishing, organised, inspired by and performed by three of their dearest friends.

It’s already been such a memorable night, full of laughter, music and dancing. They are a much loved couple and before long it’s Sol, Ivor and Pauline’s happy job to remind them of that for a moment.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working together gathering contributions from all the people who Claude and Etta are truly close to. Their friends mean a lot to them and they’ve always invested so much in those relationships. They’re about to hear just how much the feeling is mutual.

There’s wit, there’s truth and there’s wisdom in every word of the text the trio deliver and Etta and Claude have tears in their eyes as they embrace them at the end. The applause is deafening.

Lucinda + Max

It’s been an unforgettable day already but there’s still a treat in store that Lucinda and Max can’t wait to share with their wedding guests.

Inspired by her best friend’s Your Three Days ceremony last year, Lucinda knew she wanted beautiful bespoke writing to be part of their day too. It was Max’s idea to add a Words and Wisdom well-wishing to their Reception, so they have something touching and fun for their guests to enjoy before the party begins in earnest.

They know who’s contributed already because they selected specific family and friends themselves, but they’ve yet to hear the final version (their best man signed off on their behalf). They’ll hear it ‘live’ when everyone else does, as soon as they open it to read.

They’re suddenly nervous as they stand together but that’s all part of the fun: 3 sections…a captivated audience from the outset…the perfect way to kick-start the evening.

Hannah Wroe Gill | Words and Wisdom

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I offer a comprehensive bespoke writing service: versatile bespoke writing to enhance any ceremony, wedding reception or videography - including legally compliant wedding scripts (Words and Wisdom)…one-of-a-kind humanist ceremonies (Your Three Days)...and custom-made text commissions you can frame, style or photo book (Portraits in Prose). 100+ pages of outstanding testimonials. I celebrated my 10th anniversary in 2020. Numerous bespoke texts created and 375+ ceremonies designed, writtten and led. Everything I write is born from an innovative creative method, unique to my approach. You can’t find the same experience anywhere else.Exceptional. Affordable. Unforgettable.
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